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Job & study opportunities

Available projects

The research groups currently have projects available for Master and PhD students.
Please contact the Group Leaders directly, if interested.

Core groups

Dirk Bender Group – PET tracer development and preclinical PET imaging 
Email: dirk@pet.auh.dk

Anders Børglum Group
Email: anders@biomed.au.dk

Jens Nyengaard Group - Stereology and Microscopy
Email: jrnyengaard@clin.au.dk

Anders Nykjær Group - Receptor Biology
Email: an@biomed.au.dk

Claus M. Petersen & Peder Madsen Group
Email: cmp@biomed.au.dk

Søren S. Thirup Group - Structural Biology
Email: sth@mbg.au.dk

Associated Groups

Morten S. Nielsen Group - Blood Brain Barrier
Email: mn@biomed.au.dk

Olav Andersen Group - Transport receptors in neurodevelopment and degeneration (TREND)
Email: o.andersen@biomed.au.dk

Christian Vægter Group - Neurotrophic Signaling in Pain and Regenerative Processes following Peripheral Nerve Injury
Email: cv@biomed.au.dk

Simon Glerup Group
Email: glerup@biomed.au.dk