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Claus Munck Petersen and Peder Madsen Group

Petersen and Madsen Group

The first members of the human Vps10p-D receptor-family, sortilin and sorLA, were originally found and cloned in our labs.

Research Focus

We now include all family members in our work, but the main focus is still on sortilin and sorLA. Current studies concern interactions between the receptors and previously unidentified extracellular and cytosolic binding partners and the implications of complex-formation in the context of signal-transduction and receptor-mediated trafficking and transport in cells. Also, in close collaboration with Søren Thirups group, we are engaged in ongoing studies that aim to characterize the molecular structure and functional organization of receptors and receptor-domains.

Available projects

The Munck Petersen group currently has projects available for Master and PhD students. Please contact Group Leader Claus Munck Petersen directly, if interested.