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Jens Randel Nyengaard Group

Nyengaard Group – Stereology and Microscopy

Stereology and Electron Microscopy Laboratory is leading within the field of stereology and its application in neuroscience and biomedicine. It has been involved in the development of most existing design-unbiased methods applied worldwide. 

Research focus

We focus on estimating quantitative changes in regions, neurons and glia cells, dendrites, synapses, synaptic vesicles, tensors, minicolumnarity, connectivity, spatial distribution, molecule-molecule interaction in brains from rodents and human beings in various normal and pathological settings (depression, schizophrenia, suicide, infarction, pain,  knock-in or knock-out models etc). In the facility, equipment and technical expertise is available for a broad range of advanced quantification methods, and light-, confocal-, and transmission electron microscope setups are complete with software needed for analyses. Highly skilled and experienced technical assistance is provided by an excellent staff of six technicians regarding all aspects of cell and tissue preparation for light- and electron microscopy.

Available projects

The Nyengaard group currently has projects available for Master and PhD students. Please contact Group Leader Jens Nyengaard directly, if interested.