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Christian Vægter Group

Vægter Group – Neurotrophic Signaling in Pain and Regenerative Processes following Peripheral Nerve Injury

Our aim is to understand the role of neurotrophic factors in neuron-glia communication following injury to the peripheral nervous system.

Research Focus

Peripheral nerve injury induces substantial up- and downregulation of neurotrophic signaling molecules and their receptors in PNS glia (Schwann cells and Satellite glial cells (SGC)). The interplay between PNS glia and sensory neurons are only poorly understood, however trophic stimulation by neurotrophic factors is believed to play major roles in capacity for the PNS to regenerate. Recent discoveries also demonstrate that CNS glia respond to PNS injury by upregulation and release of neurotrophic signaling molecules, which is critical to the development of neuropathic pain.

By utilizing transgenic mice models we aim to understand the expression and injury-induced regulation of neurotrophic components and their roles in the neuron-Schwann and neuron-SGC  bidirectional communication. The involvement of the Sortilins in these systems is also explored.

Available projects

The Vægter group currently has projects available for Master and PhD students. Please contact Associated Group Leader Christian B. Vægter directly, if interested.